our fine print is pretty huge

We are the only network that lets you keep 100% of monetization profits & the rights to your content

Premiering in JULY 2022 on Roku TV, Fire TV & web to 80 % of the TV app streaming market with further rollout to iOS, Apple TV & Android platforms in Q4 of this year Onest Network offers its content to 110+ million viewers in the United States and 20 more countries with further expansion to 100% market distribution by the end of the year.

We are looking for 10 VIP CREATORS to promote our network, join PAID sponsorship program, get FREE airtime & promotion and receive unlimited content monetization opportunity

Pick a category

Arts & Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Business​, Food, Health & Lifestyle, Humor, Kids & Parenting, Sports, People & Relationships, Travel

Let's talk FACTS

Onest Network premiers on the biggest TV app platforms Roku TV, Fire TV & web in July with further rollout on iOS & Android platforms in Q3-4 of 2022.

As of 2022, Roku TV owns 51% of the TV app market worldwide closely followed by Fire TV with 29% of the market share.

Being featured as THE creator in your niche market opens you to a total of

  • 60.1 million Roku TV viewers in USA & 20+ countries worldwide

  • 50 million active Fire TV viewers in USA, UK, Canada, Germany & Japan

Advantages of ONEST Network compared to other streaming platforms

  • you receive 100% of monetization profits from sponsors you work directly with

  • you set your own pricing for ads and promotion

  • you receive a flat fee and/or % of sales from sponsorship brought to you by ONEST Network (please see *Shop ONEST)

  • NO COMPETITION, we encourage collaboration

  • we promote your content on our network, partner networks and social media FREE of charge

  • NO OWNERSHIP of YOUR CONTENT; we reserve the exclusivity for the episodes featured on the network for the duration of 1 month only

  • you may keep your current work on other platforms as is, no restriction to your current business

  • FREE monthly airtime for VIP CREATORS 

  • PAID sponsorships for VIP creators (see *Shop ONEST)

  • cross-promotion among selected creators on air and social media to grow your fan base

  • quality vs quantity - we feature and promote creators who are willing to put in the work, utilize their talents and connect with their audience

  • we aim to build a strong connection between the ONEST Network, its creators, our sponsors and our viewers based on mutual support and appreciation

  • flexibility and creative freedom - you are the star of your niche, experiment and set trends!

  • we welcome creativity and unique approach - disrupt the entertainment market with kindness and quality content in your own unique way



  • FREE 120 min of airtime per month to feature your content worldwide live & on-demand

  • FREE livestream promotion for "Meet & Greet" on the network 

  • FREE promotion on air, web and social media

  • PAID VIP sponsorship*

DELIVER (promotion of your show & ONEST Network)

  • weekly 10-20 min LIVESTREAM PROMO CHATS on a social media platform you use the most for the entire time your content is available on our network - promote your show and talk about the ONEST Network

  • 2 weekly promo posts with links in your live stories - this could be your show promotion

  • 1 weekly promo post on your timeline on the platform you use most (be as creative as you like with video & visual content) - this could be your show promotion

to attract creators to join the network and increase viewership to benefit your sponsors and increase your profit by charging higher fees for your advertising


We pitch our creators to sponsors. Once a company sponsors an episode, the creator receives a flat fee of $1,000/$2,000/$3,000 (depending on sponsorship package) for the episode and $1,000 or % of sales (whatever is greater) for going LIVE on the Shop ONEST and talking about the product or service. The idea is to keep our contact clear from advertising and provide an opportunity to work with sponsors. Creators may opt out of livestreams and only offer a sponsorship of the episode.

How did we get started?

Hi! I am Olga, the founder of the Onest Network. Seeing the oversaturated streaming market, dying television industry as we know it and lack of quality opportunities for content creators at scale, I created this network with two things in mind:

1. feature and promote mindful quality content that educates, inspires and entertains our global audience making our viewers feel seen, heard and appreciated

2. provide immediate monetization opportunities to content creators who are willing to produce quality content and turn their passion into a profitable profession without limits


As a former world champion athlete, UN diplomat turned entrepreneur and producer who run a multi-state company producing NBA/WNBA/NHL halftime entertainment and was featured on various tv shows, I have learned the ins & outs of the industry defining the needs that are not being addressed. I am here to partner with you and catapult your creative business. If you are looking to work with the network that combines the quality entertainment of the cable television with global streaming introducing a new take on sponsorships and advertising returns without claiming your content, you found your home. Empathy, fairness, quality work and mutual respect are the core fundamentals of the Onest Network.
I can't wait to welcome you to the dream team. Let's make it happen!