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Marketing strategy & implementation course

 for Small Businesses & personal brands

premiering FEBRuary 2022

would you like to Become a success story?
here's how i can help you:

#1 mistake people make is NOT Being focused on their marketing.


Marketing is the holy grail for business and should be your priority once you’re clear on what, where and when you’d like to sell.

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Key to correctly set marketing strategy:

  1. Defined audience and direction

  2. Self sustaining setup that works when you’re off

  3. Flexible setup that allows you to maneuver

Your goal is not to become proficient in marketing, but to have the correct strategy to grow your business to the point where you can outsource your marketing and know what to expect and whom to hire.


My approach is straightforward, brief and focused to maximize value. You operate in your own speed, but I will make sure to keep your fire burning