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  • Olga Nesterova

Why dignity matters

There will be days when you’ll have to accept the unexpected, maneuver, regroup, refocus and readjust. These are the days when you show your dignity — how you communicate, how you show respect and how you ask for changes will complete the picture of you in the eyes of your supporters.

Today I had to ask a well appreciated guest to reschedule his interview on my program. I was ready, I was prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for were unexpected circumstances like a full blown one-day construction right by my office that made it hard to hear my own thoughts — forget about any online discussions! I thought about the right thing to say and I decided on a simple sentence that stated the simple truth: “My sincere apologies, but I find myself in need to ask you to reschedule as I would hate to compromise the quality of our episode.” The guest didn’t reply nor followed back.

Am I satisfied with the outcome? No. Would I hate to produce a compromised episode that wouldn’t sound well? Absolutely.

This I would hated even more. And so I bounce into the weekend with a feeling of content. I claimed responsibility and decided inline with my dignity. This is something I am happy about. My teammates supported my decision. It wouldn’t have been fair to comprise my guest’s appearance AND drown my team in some extra work to remove sounds they were not responsible for.

Honesty, in my mind, is best policy.

Therefore, I encourage you to build a community rather than a fanbase composed of those who understand you and will support you when something goes wrong.

If people like you for who you are, they will stand by you through the ups and downs; if they like the image you’ve created, the minute you drop the forefront, your fakeness will come to shine.

Identify who you are and build your brand that shows the core of your personality. Operate with dignity, be respectful and don’t put yourself above anyone. And remember, life goes on.

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