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  • Olga Nesterova

What You Need To Know About December

A practical guideline.

As we are entering the tricky time of hibernation, I thought to share some thoughts I’ve been having lately.

See, somehow it’s been normalized to think that the holidays do last an entire month (hello holiday sales 🎁) which leads to an increase in procrastination. It makes it certainly hard to introduce any type of changes, starting anything new or continuing towards your goals in full speed.

Don’t get me wrong, if you feel or planned on taking a break, please do. Always follow your own journey.

But if your intention is to keep on going this month, before you drop your healthy habits, go into survival mode at work and postpone your “best life” till January 2nd (it’s never January 1st btw), let me share some thoughts with you:

💡 there’s no actual reason to harm your progress for a month just to start digging yourself out of the mess in January

💡 whether you put your 100% in or plan on procrastinating - that time will be spent anyways

💡 health is wealth regardless to the month of the year or time of the day; it’s healthy to allow yourself to have fun, but getting out of the cycle can lead to more harm than pleasure, thus operate in moderation

💡 you can’t eat, drink or (fill in the blank) your worries away, therefore, best to dedicate time to selfcare to find ways to bring yourself some conscious joy

💡 whether this year has or hasn’t been the best, now it’s time to plan for the next; learn, analyze and strategize

💡 holidays are towards the end of the month, so even if you take off from 12/24 through 1/1, you still have two weeks and some to put in some effort

💡 FINALLY, everyone is slowing down, so if you wish to set yourself apart (that’s when you write it together btw) of your competition, now is the best time

AND AGAIN, if you feel good about taking some rest, have planned for it, feel exhausted and in need of some time off - please follow your own heartbeat.

These are just some tips for those who might need them. I know I do.

Have a fantastic day, be kind and share a smile. It goes a long way.

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