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  • Olga Nesterova

LIFE OUT OF ORDER (ps it’s a good thing!)

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Love, marriage and a baby carriage…

School, college, corporate package…

When I hit 30 and some I thought this was the hint to get ALL of that above. This time for real. It just needs to happen! I have 3 degrees, I speak 5 languages, I have a career, but I’m still looking for that right business I really need to get into. This must be the time?!

Few years later I was counting my blessings as I was getting out of an emotionally abusing relationship and pulling a plug on a business I once thought was my “baby”.

Soon after we experienced the magic of a lockdown. Yes magic - sometimes it was a nightmare, sometimes it was a blessing of clarity.

I sat down and stared at a wall.

Ten pounds later I realized one thing: life out of order is a good thing.

Here’s why.

I come from a blessed family where all the “rules” were followed to a “t”. I wholeheartedly value the aspect of family. I wholeheartedly hate the idea of corporate employment and I insanely believe in living with purpose.

It took me a while to understand what that purpose was and that’s a story for another day, but if you asked me about my priorities - that would certainly be one.

Retiring from being a professional athlete taught me to respect my pain. To listen to myself and to never - ever - ever allow anyone to take charge of my body, or even worse - my mind.

I learned to be in charge, I praised it. But I also praised the “rules” that were so carefully installed into my consciousness, how couldn’t I?

When you get bounced through your life and find yourself at a conscious age, you have two choices - fixate on the society imposed schedule that you’re definitely running behind OR learn to respect your own. One step, month, year at a time. It won’t be, perhaps, “shiny”, but it will be beaming with light of confidence, uniqueness and fulfillment.

When life starts happening out of order, you learn to be more than “ok” with that.

You learn to live, laugh and not panic. You’ve been through a lot, you’re still here feeling all sassy and put together - and if you’re not, please do yourself a huge favor and complete yourself.

Understand that the business and people you are so eager to meet, are set to meet a new you. The you who went through the lessons that were customized to your journey.

If you’re so desperate to marry - marry yourself, commit to building a life for you that you’re proud of and opportunities will come.

In due time.

Your journey is yours, embrace it. Happy people attract happiness.

When you are content, you have a clear picture of anything new coming into your life and instead of freaking out whether “this is your soulmate” or “this is the business of your life”, you’ll see those as “just a person”, “just a business idea” that you may pursue IF YOU decide whether YOU NEED IT based on how you FEEL ABOUT IT.

And what if you look around and respect everyone’s successes as your personal loss?

You’ll rush into relationsh*ts and get into things that are not meant for you.

Ever got into some after school activity that your friend was so good at just to realize you must be missing a few genes to even continue with this nonsense?

I don’t want to be living a life that looks better on Instagram than in reality. I don’t want to be in a business that makes money but feels that it goes against my values. I don’t. Why should you?

The right idea, the right person are only RIGHT when these happen at a right time and this means - THE TIME when YOU are READY FOR IT. When your values, priorities, boundaries are clear, you don’t desperately need anything and your life is cool without it, but you still don’t mind hitting the personal and professional jackpot.

Of course some aspects do require urgency: having kids, paying bills. And so you make moves that will come, perhaps, in your personal order, but these will depend on your decisions from within. Not the Joe Shmo or Jane Shmane.

Believe that your “life order” is right for you and work on your internal GPS so you can find the journey you need to be on.

And one more thing.

Build a security within yourself by filling all the components of YOU as a human being, so you would be able to choose the person and occupation you feel safe in.

Stop consuming and occupying yourself with things that hurt you - from nutrition to friendships, relationships and business - choose what benefits your life.

For that IT IS TIME.

Until then,

that person from the internet you follow.

PS I hope you do follow me! Please make it happen. I don’t bite, but do my best to provide value to likeminded people.

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