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  • Olga Nesterova

Prioritize Wellbeing

If you don't feel at peace, if you know what you need to be doing, but nothing comes easy nor you feel like finding your grove.. stop.

Hold on for a moment, pause. Sometimes our intuition is speaking to us by stopping us in action, whispering to hold on.

The reason behind the need to change and readjust will become vivid in a few hours, days, months or even years and you will be thankful to have stoped at that particular moment.

It’s important to push yourself to greater achievements, it is even more so important to listen to your body.

Motivation is great when it is authentic and intentional. When you feel that you run only on coffee and inspirational YouTube videos, it is time to breathe.

Recently I’ve heard a phrase that might sound a bit too harsh, but truly hits the nerve: “Just think about it, all the bodies found around Mount Everest were full of motivation.”

Prioritize your well-being.

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