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  • Olga Nesterova

Let’s talk about risk management and decision making, shall we?

Before making any decision that falls outside the daily scope, I ask myself: “what is my intention behind this project or action?” Being clear about why I do what I do helps me make up my mind.

Some decisions are hard. Firing someone or going separate ways is never an easy task, but if getting away from someone you’re no sure about feels too risky, just imagine the risk of keeping them on board. I believe that facts and intuition are the best guidelines for decision making whether it does feel risky or not. I changed my careers from being a world champion athlete to a student, diplomat and later several times as an entrepreneur. Everyone said it was risky - financially, timely, emotionally.. but it felt right. If I don’t feel that I’m doing my best and giving my all, I’m out. Sometimes it’s risky, but I learned to trust in my abilities to adjust. Yet there is one aspect that would cross out any risk-taking for me and this is if my actions would put my loved ones, my employees or colleagues at risk.

Never ever risk anyone’s life, budget or psyche for anything. Money can be lost and gotten, people cannot.

What the most risky decision you had to make in your life? How did you handle it?

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