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  • Olga Nesterova

Kick The Box To The Curb

"Think outside the box" is a very well-known phrase that made me think: "why shall we concentrate on the existence of that mysterious “box” in the first place?"

The social norms such as limitations to women (you can’t really be strong - this is rude; outspoken - more rude; and don’t even imagine to voice your dreams and desires - completely nuts!) AND men (having feelings is soft, having no feelings is ignorant; being a gentleman is great, but just be careful, some might think this is too much).

I know this might be a tiny bit provocative and we, indeed, are on the verge of finding a tomato insensitive and arrogant for its redness, but please understand where I am coming from. I strive from harmony, I truly want everyone to be happy and accomplished. I do.

Now to be accomplished, creative and prosperous one must feel.. free.

When I started my first business (producing shows for the NBA/NHL/WNBA) I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Yes, I learned plenty, got kicked in all soft places multiple times (figuratively speaking), but I wouldn’t change it for a bit! I wasn’t operating “on schedule”, trying to prove something to someone or impress someone who said I’d never be able to do it.

My second company (OnestMedia, I used to work on marketing and branding with Fortune 500 companies in NYC) was a whole different story. I wanted to win, I wanted to “build an empire”, to be the most boss lady I could ever be. I prepared, I read, I planned.. I got paralyzed.

So here’s a thought - let’s try to do our best, be kind to each other and ourselves, respect mutual boundaries and design companies based on their usefulness and quality rather than social norms and expectations.

And let’s kick that “box” to the curb, shall we?

Let me know what’s your take on “thinking outside the box”. Does this phrase help you shift your mind or do you prefer a free-er approach?

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