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  • Olga Nesterova

Do you need to be on all social media platforms?

Let me help you make the best decision.

In short: NO.

Let’s dig deeper.

Before getting on any social media platform you need to set your intentions - are you here to sell under a deadline by investing into your ads or are you willing to take the steady organic growth with its ups and downs?

Whether you do have a budget and use social media as a method of getting targeted clients to purchase your products or are taking the organic route, the way of selecting a platform that fits your needs would be same. You would need to define your demographic (the narrower the better!),their location and study their behavior.

Easier said than done! Indeed.

People’s interests change and platforms “age”.Who would’ve thought of TikTok as a great platform to reach any millennial a year ago?!

Once you define the age, location and interests of your demographic, use this little cheat sheet to pick a platform that responds to your needs:

Pinterest - attracts women of all ages; great for home products, fashion, cosmetics, healthy lifestyle products and services

Facebook - is beloved by the older demographic, family oriented folks and freebie seekers; great for event promotions, livestream webinars, book signings and any group activities that could be held virtually

Instagram - is a place for trendsetters, mainly the younger side of millennials, visual folks; great for fashion, food, nutrition, workshops and virtual services

Tiktok - attracts younger demographic, from makeup to cooking and dance tutorials; if your product or service could be bought by any teenager across the country, you are golden!

LinkedIn - the paradise for B2B sales; great for any type of product or service that is sold to corporations, business entities and professionals

These are, of course, just a few aspects to each platform. You would need to dig deeper into each type of media to find how engaged your potential buyer is on any specific platform.

The other aspect of your decision would be based on your personal skill set - what kind of posts do you enjoy producing and what could you commit to on a consistent basis?

If you are a writer and blogs are your gem - Medium and LinkedIn should definitely be a part of your business marketing strategy.

If you enjoy being in front of a camera and are skilled in public speaking - Instagram, Facebook and Youtube would be a great fit since these provide the ability to livestream and do prioritize the posts in video format.

If you like speaking, but dislike the camera light and action - go ahead and launch a podcast!

The bottom line is - social media is SOCIAL. Choose a platform that excites your potential buyer and offers you a possibility to showcase your product and your own skill set.

As to how many platforms would I recommend to be on, the answer, again, comes in two parts.

First - create a profile with your company name on all platforms. The last thing you need is someone creating it for you when you become a known brand just to sell it you. That is, by the way, why every parent tries to secure a domain with their child’s name as soon as possible to avoid any possible mishaps in the future. Now, we don’t know how famous any children would turn to become and whether this would be even in their consideration, but the point of promoting your company is to get actually known and recognizable. So create these profiles and if you decide not to be active on that particular platform, you can always go “private” or post at least a link to your website.

Having mentioned consistency, I would suggest to chose two, maximum three platforms to focus on. For once, creating posts and being active would require time and it isn’t endless. So select some that you enjoy the most and those that do have your buyers interest and create a clear blueprint to follow.

I hope this brought you at least a bit of value.

After being approached by my followers, I decided to launch an online marketing strategy course for startups and those seeking to grow their social media presence ultimately turning engagement into sales.

If you like the sound of this - please join me for a free webinar on 9/14 at 11am ET to learn about the course and ask any questions. Replay will be available for registrants. You can register here:

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