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  • Olga Nesterova

Black Friday Reality Check

A must read for small business owners

BLACK FRIDAY REALITY CHECK for #smallbusiness owners:

📈 Today’s “Black Friday” sales or the lack of those do not determine your company’s worth

📈 You still can make adjustments to your ad campaigns if you see these not performing as expected - check your stats, adjust segmentation (age, location, gender)

📈 You can still DOUBLE DOWN on the ads that do perform well - check the stats, stop campaigns that do not resonate with your demographic and add budget to those that do

📈 Think of your “thanksgiving campaign” as a 4 day deal - promote your offers throughout Cyber Monday

📈 Go LIVE, use free tools to talk about your offers instead of solely relying on your ads

📈 BE PATIENT - today is just Friday. Your sales will come and even if not this round - your business will survive.

📈 ESCAPE PRESSURE - stop scrolling through social media envying other entrepreneurs. You are where you are - own your journey and the stage of your journey you’re on. Your time will come.

🚨 If you’re not offering any sales or are seeing that somehow your branding does not attract potential customers - sign up for my FREE quick and straight to the point video course to REVAMP YOUR BRANDING. It’s great for startups and existing personal or corporate brands. Learn how to pick, attract and convert your target demographic and grow your brand. Use the time “off” to introduce changes and sharpen your skills.

👉 👈

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