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OLGA MEANS onest business

Former World Champion athlete, UN diplomat turned entrepreneur and media company executive

"Business done right is a class-act"

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ONESt network

ONESt conversations

Onest Network is the first worldwide television network that allows selected content creators to turn their passion into a profitable profession while inspiring the audience of 100+ million viewers across the globe. 

Onest Conversations podcast & video series features inspiring stories of a variety of individuals around the world and documents Olga's journey as a media company executive. Get inspired & learn practical tips.

who is olga

Olga is the founder of the Onest Network - global television network premiering in the US & 20 other countries in July 2022 with access to 80% tv streaming app market share and the worldwide audience of 110 million.
She is a former UN diplomat turned entrepreneur and has previously run a multi-state entertainment company producing NBA/NHL/WNBA halftime shows. Olga also has founded a reputable B2B marketing agency working with Fortune 500 companies in New York City and beyond.
Olga hosts Onest Conversations podcast and has been featured on various shows on national television. She is witty, straight-forward, wise and easy to connect to.
Olga has graduated with honors from 3 universities in USA and Europe in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Political Science and Law. She speaks 6 languages and is eager to inspire others to utilize their potential to full extent and live a purpose-oriented life.



Do you have an incredible story to share that will inspire the audience around the world? Are you an entrepreneur who'd like to teach our audience about the business ins & outs?

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